Swimming pond filter 500 S/G

... can also be used as a pre-filter for existing filter systems!

Having the dimensions of 1350 x 620 x 530 mm (LxWxH) and a maximum pumping capacity of 25.000 L/h, it is also suitable for very large swimming ponds. The water in this system, must inevitably flow from top to bottom through the fleece too - no dirt can be left behind. No need to run off waste manually. With a 500 mm wide fleece roll, the 500 S provides a large filtration area.

The Smartpond® swimming pond filters operates the same way as the Smartpond® filters for koi ponds.
Due to their nature swimming ponds, however don't need a bio tank because the biological zone and plant zones take over the task of converting and decomposing pollutants.

Since less pumping capacity is used in swimming ponds, the filter is more than large enough also for big swimming ponds.
Because they share the same design, the larger Smartpond® Filters can also be used if required.


Dimensions LxWxH 1350 x 620 x 530 mm
Max. pumping capacity 25.000 l/h
Inlet 3 x 110 mm
Outlet 1 x 110 mm
Fleece width 500 mm
Installation over pond level only 8 cm
Option submersible UV-C Yes
Option UV-C automatic switch Yes
Option run-dry/overflow protection No