Smartpond® Fleece roll

Unused fleece margins are water under the bridge. With the Smartpond® filter there are no longer unused fleece margins as the whole fleece width is used. We keep your costs low and achieve optimum usage of complete fleece roles.

Due to the smart construction water flows from top to bottom through the fleece that is stretched in a V-shape. Since the fleece filter is located above the biological operating area of the filter, the high hydrostatic head pressing against the fleece is used to generate optimum filtration.

The non-woven fabrics mentioned hereinafter are available:

Aqua Fleece: AV 500, AV 800, AV 1200

  • High value for money
  • Made 100% of synthetic fiber
  • Does not contain additives and binding agents
  • Economical consumption

Please note:  Not all non-woven materials offered on the market are safe for use in koi ponds.