Smartpond® Endless Belt Filter

With our latest Endless Belt Filter we follow our steady filter development of our first endless belt filter which we have patented already in the year 2010.

With this we offer you an even more compact pond filter with integrated biological function and option for a likewise integrated submersible UV clarifier for your koi and swimming pond. The Smartpond® Endless Belt Filters are built to be used as gravity-fed or as pump versions.

Benefits of Smartpond® Endless Belt Filter

With the new design, the filter belt is cleaned from the outside by means of spray nozzles. Long-term tests have shown that this is more efficient than cleaning from the inside, because the pressure from the spray nozzles acts directly on the dirty belt and is not wasted on the already "clean" side. Due to this clever arrangement of the nozzles, even coarse dirt is flushed off the filter material, and so the dirt wipers used up to now are no longer needed.

The dirty water is flooded from behind directly over the filter belt as it runs at an angle out of the water. This way the dirt (leaves, algae, etc) is efficiently pressed onto the belt and discharged.

The flushing mechanism is intentionally located outside the "clean zone" in a separate area. 

New - The dirt run-off channel, depending on model, has been developed with a slope of up to 10%, so that coarse dirt is discharged considerably better than with other systems.

After washing, so much water flows through the now clean belt that the level in the biological stage increases by up to 40 cm. By this means, without using extra power, we create turbulence in the biomedia.
Due to the change in level within the filter, the inlet pipes are flushed through by the fast inflowing pond water after each cleaning cycle which is a great advantage with the gravity-fed version.

A single layer of very robust quality belt with a patented quick fastening is used for the filter.

The filters are enclosed by a metal cover and thus operate at a low-noise level. Enjoy your pond without annoying noises!

All EBF models have an ecological drive system with a power consumption of only 50 W.
With the Endless-Belt Filter we offer a cleverly-designed, compact complete solution made of high quality, pickled stainless steel ... and ... it's Swiss Made!